IT BS Watch helps CEOs, CIOs and other corporate-types make sense of the IT industry. Rife with modern-day snake oil and the occasional dramatic innovation, it is often difficult to distinguish the chaff from the wheat among the industry’s latest offerings. IT BS Watch aims to accomplish exactly that, providing pithy commentary about emerging and existing technologies, and helping you make sense of it all.

Patrick Gray is the force behind the IT BS Watch, and the founder and President of Prevoyance Group. A recently rehabilitated tech nerd, Patrick possesses the unique ability to comfortably talk shop with the folks in the server room, and also navigate the boardroom with ease. Prevoyance is French for “foresight,” and we hope IT BS Watch will provide you with exactly that.

Please direct any comments or questions to info@prevoyancegroup.com, and we hope you find IT BS Watch informative and helpful!

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