Fixing the basics

For several years, I’ve had a wireless keyboard on my desktop computer, the machine I use to do my writing when I’m not travelling on business. While the wireless feature seemed like a good idea at the time, I rarely moved the keyboard from its position under my monitor, and the wireless feature never seemed to be 100% reliable. If you’re old enough to remember the days of television signals delivered over the air, and carefully adjusting the TV’s “rabbit ear” antennas to get a perfect signal, only to have someone move and static return, you might get an idea of how well this keyboard worked.

Some days it was fine, other days I’d spend half my time moving the keyboard an inch or two in either direction to restore its functionality, or furiously bang the backspace key when gibberish appeared due to an inferior signal. For someone who cranks out well over 1000 words every day, this was suboptimal at best.

I finally ordered a new keyboard. It’s the same ergonomic model in a non-wireless version, so there’s no learning curve on the keyboard layout, it has a wire to connect directly to the computer, and it appeared at my doorstep courtesy of for a mere forty bucks.

As these words appear flawlessly on the screen, no adjusting the keyboard or bodily gyrations to affect the signal required, I’m kicking myself for dealing with such inanities for such a long time. A New Year is a great time to evaluate life and work’s little inconveniences. Forty bucks just might make things much easier.


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