The Tech Worker “problem”

Yet another study released today shows that US students are shunning tech-oriented programs, with only 4.4% of US born undergraduates enrolling in science, math, technology, or engineering programs. There’s the usual hand wringing on the part of politicians and industry captains, but I find it little wonder that US youth see little opportunity for a fulfilling technology career when this news is a few inches down the newspaper page from tech titan HP laying of 27,000 employees.

Every profession has its ups and downs, but if the perception of your industry is typified by layoffs, Dilbert, and Office Space it’s little wonder future generations are wary of technology jobs. Frankly I think the industry has a marketing problem; US youth are smart enough to invest their undergraduate careers where they see the most long-term growth potential, and IT has done a poor job making a compelling case that it can provide compelling, interesting, fulfilling, and relatively stable career options for the best and brightest.


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