How to loose a customer in 7 seconds

I was in the market for a new “cloud” provider for a project I’m working on internally. I put a bit of diligence into the search, since it’s a service that might also be relevant for several of my clients.

One particular provider seemed to keep appearing in my search, so I aimed my web browser in their direction, looking forward to finding out more about their service. Rather than marketing copy, I was greeted by one of those annoying “you’re using a web browser we don’t like” screens. Usually, these are a minor annoyance and an be bypassed, however this one was static, and I could not click past it. Rather than some esoteric technology, I use the latest version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. While IE’s market share has eroded a bit in recent years, it’s still the most common browser on the web. While it might not be as sophisticated as some connoisseurs demand, rejecting IE from your marketing site would be like rejecting everyone who drove a car from your gas station, allowing only motorcycles.

I’m not sure if the marketing and technical geniuses behind this company actually thought someone in a position to buy their product would take an hour out of their day to select, download, and install a new browser and totally change their computing habits due to their demand, but in my case, I’ll gladly take my business elsewhere.


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