Beating Jet Lag

While not directly related to IT management, I wanted to relay some of the best advice I ever received for beating jet lag, a frequent nuisance for the travel-heavy schedule that many IT leaders endure. The “cure” for jet lag is simple: stay awake until at least 8PM upon arrival. If you’re completely dead on arrival, a nap of no more than 45 minutes is fine, but the key is staying awake until 8-9PM, even if you feel like a complete zombie.

I’ve used this trick when travelling to and from the US, EU, and Asia, and usually am adapted to the local time zone within a day, or at most two days when enduring the 12 hour time change from the eastern US to Asia. I used to take a long nap upon arrival, then spend 2-3 days waking up around 2AM local time and being unable to get back to sleep, but the 8-9PM trick has solved that.

I hope this helps the jet-set among you, and I wish you safe (and jet lag-free) travels!


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