The Social Media Hype Cycle

Social Media is just another tool for your toolbox, which is unfortunately cresting the "hype cycle" were many see it as the only appropriate game in town. Imagine a carpenter who only used a hammer…

If you were around in the early 90’s the same thing happened with the web. If you could spell "H-T-M-L" your company was going to make a mint as soon as it opened its site, and we were paying techies $300 an hour to create horrible grey sites with bad copy. A few years later, everyone realized online was just another channel and needed good strategy, execution, and implementation. Soon the same will soon happen to social media.



  1. Agreed! I made a Google trend search on e-commerce, web 2.0 and social media dating back 6 years. It’s easy to believe that social media will reach it’s visibility peak this year whilst the tools and technologies it tries to describe yet needs another few years to be adopted by mainstream.

    Br, Joakim Nilsson

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