Should have bought a Cisco…

In one of the inaugural posts on this very blog I took Cisco to task for its lackluster “human network” marketing campaign. I found the campaign to be well-intentioned at heart, but irreconcilable with the buzzword-laden ad copy, and Cisco’s horrendous website that would lead 99.9% of the humans supposedly targeted by the campaign to total confusion.

While the folks at Cisco may not be known for their marketing genius, they do still know how to build quality network gear, and I’ve been forced to eat crow every time I’ve bought a competitor’s product to save money, which generally dies at the worst possible moment.

Being in consulting, my business is fairly small, but I deal almost exclusively with the big boys and generally must look and act like them. For a company like mine, Cisco gear is difficult to configure and usually requires outside expertise, but once setup, it runs like a tank and only fails when I decided I’ll get in touch with my former technical side by messing with it.

So, to Cisco I say “hats off” as I respectfully plunk down my corporate card to replace an off-brand wireless product with something straight from the human network.


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