Marketing Internal IT

One of the failings of many IT organizations is not marketing their successes effectively. While no one likes someone who constantly gloats over the most minor successes, IT traditionally fails to advertise its successes, while the corporate grapevine does an extremely effective job of sharing all of IT’s failings. Internal marketing need not be expensive or extensive, and can include items as simple as the following:

  • A quarterly newsletter to relevant execs and VPs detailing active projects, recent successes, and acknowledging any shortcomings.
  • Brief (200-500 word) “position papers” about emerging technologies, from cloud computing to iPads, detailing how they might be relevant to the organization and how IT is tracking them. Failing sending these, your CEO may be learning more about new technologies from his or her teenage child than the CIO.
  • Providing some brief training to your staff on effective communication and marketing, so that they present the best possible image of your organization, rather than being part of the marketing problem.

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