Some thoughts on SEO

The penny summary? Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the “science” of making your website appear higher in the results of a search engine like Google, is a load of bull, and “consultants” shilling SEO are the modern equivalent of snake oil salesmen.

The slightly longer answer is that if you are attempting to pitch a product or service on the web, generate content that will attract consumers, not strange “keyword clouds” and awkward verbiage that will amuse the robots at Google. It’s easy to get obsessed with SEO, web hits, analytics and other esoteric metrics, but none of that matters if your website isn’t generating sales. At the end of the day, I would rather have one hit a month that generates a million dollar sale, than a million hits each months and a place atop the search engines which results in $0 of sales.

Furthermore, the search engines routinely change their algorithms (the fancy term for the programming behind the search engine), so all that SEO voodoo that gets you to the top of the ranks today may have you on page eight tomorrow. Rather than wasting time on SEO, call five customers and ask them what they like about your website, or pen a compelling new article or product description and put it on your site.


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