What would get you to buy the Apple tablet?

We’re a few hours away from Apple’s well-hyped event that many are speculating will result in the unveiling of an Apple tablet device. As an owner of an Amazon Kindle, a Microsoft Tablet-PC and general gadget person I thought I would speculate on what would get me to shell out for an Apple tablet:

  • Pricing around $500
  • A battery that will last through a 17 hour trans-pacific flight when reading books, and last through an 8 hour workday otherwise
  • Access to Apple’s app store, and iPod/iPhone apps
  • Easy access to new content (i.e. books, movies, video) irrespective of what country I am in, and without having to deal with iTunes
  • The ability to consolidate my iPod Touch and Kindle into one device that is a high-quality eBook reader, video/movie player, gaming device and music player
  • Very easy ability to transfer PDF files to the device (i.e. no strange email addresses or “processing delays” as with the Kindle. It would be great to have reams of work-related documents available to read on a lightweight tablet-type device

What would get you to shell out for Jobs’ latest tech toy?



  1. I don’t really get it; it doesn’t do real computing so I still need my ThinkPad which is not much bigger. It looks like one more thing I really don’t want to have to carry with me. Maybe if my iPod dies but I wouldn’t be able to use it to listen to music while I work out so, I guess I am just not the target market for this product.

  2. I have to agree with your take on the ipad.
    I saw it as the ‘magnified’ version of the iphone for sight impaired persons.
    What i am waiting for is the smartphone that doubles as a CPU. This would eliminate all clutter that the tech has generated, one bio-secure communication/PC device that fits into your pocket requiring a larger wireless or a flat viewing medium.
    No desktops, laptops, ipads, leaving more space for ….. flowers!

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