RIM Needs a Gag Order on their Lawyers

Poking fun at lawyers is not the most sporting avocation, but in this case is warranted, especially for a company that drops words like “usability” and “innovation” in their press releases in nearly every other sentence.

I’ve been a Blackberry convert for about a year, and while I find it meets my needs better than other smart phones, I am flabbergasted by the fact that every time I install a RIM-authored application, there is a fifty page “license agreement” that must be scrolled through, in all its 6 point font glory before the application can be used.

Just like Microsoft extolling the usability benefits of Vista, then asking users to sit through an eight minute boot process, pitching your phone as a highly-optimized business tool then subjecting users to a parade of illegible, incomprehensible nonsense before using what is supposed to be a showcase application is mind boggling. Surely Apple has just as many lawyers as RIM, but somehow manages to stay afloat and legally sound without subjecting the users of the iPhone to this madness.

While lawyers certainly are indispensable to business, allowing similar foolishness to what RIM is doing with their “license agreement” is a great way to put a bad taste in your customers’ mouths, before they even touch your product.


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