The Delights of Mobile Technology

We’ve all heard someone moaning about the horrors of the “connected lifestyle:” Blackberries, laptops, nearly ubiquitous phone connectivity, etc. What many people fail to realize is that they are the master of these devices, rather than the other way around. A mobile email device can be a stern taskmaster causing its user to peck away at email into the wee hours of the night, or it can be used to stay in touch while taking an afternoon out of the office after a hard stint at work.

I’m actually sending this missive from a beautiful wooded campsite deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where my laptop can just barely grab onto a slow cellular connection. I’ve responded to several client inquiries, checked voicemail and now am contemplating an as-yet unlit campfire as the sun sets. Mobile technology allowed me to keep in touch on my terms, which today happen to be tearing down empty dirt roads on my motorcycle and pitching a tent miles from another human being. The off button is there for a reason, and rather than letting these technologies chain you down, use them to liberate yourself.



  1. Hear, hear! I tend to remember things late at night and firing off an sms is the most efficient way for me to make sure things get moving the next morning while I’m still in pre-caffine brain-fog. People often complain that the sms beep woke them up! What are Profiles for? I want to start a class on ‘How to get your mobile under control’.

    One tool I couldn’t live without is Profiles. I have one I created called ‘Sleep’. It will only ring if a family member calls, and then the ring is a gentle tune gradually getting louder so that I’m not waking up in a panic ready to face the air raid warning that is the ultra-loud ring I use on the street. My customised Sleep profile has ALL warning switched OFF. A neat idea. I don’t get beaped everytime the mobile network blips, when the battery is charged or when, heaven forbid, a delayed sms arrives in the wee hours.

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