The End of Blogging

What better way to begin a new blog than by predicting the end of blogging. Blogging is a good metaphor for much of what I am going to be covering here, perhaps what one would call “supernova technology.” It explodes on the scene with much sound and fury, only to collapse unto itself until a new, less remarkable entity appears.

The first universally experienced supernova technology was the web itself. Recall for a moment the heady days of the 1990s, where the web was a theurgic entity and everything in it was “cool,” even that grey site with the Times New Roman font your cousin the computer geek put together. Venture capitalists tripped over each other to fund E-everything, from sock puppet mascots to websites that would “revolutionize” the mundane: from grocery shopping to corporate purchasing.

These days the web is quite a bit more rational. Business ideas that don’t make sense in the real world are no longer entertained due solely to a web presence, and designers and graphic artists, the people that were successful in print media, rule the web rather than the HTML-savvy geek.

Blogging has followed a similar path. The banal that was once magical because it was on a blog is now ignored as more prosaic drivel. CEO blogs and other corporate blogs that promised better employee relations due to the “intimacy of blogging” have quietly closed down after legal censored and cleansed the blog to the point that it was just another piece of noncommittal garbage laced with meaningless corporate jargon.

Blogs are a medium like any other. Content and quality rule the day, versus pictures of one’s cat and some so-called Web 2.0 jargon. I hope to help you separate the helpful from the hype, and capitalize on the former while avoiding costly forays chasing the later.

Welcome to IT BS Watch!


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